RISLER S.A. owns a large fleet of RTW's (39 units) fully inspected and duly suitable to all local Oil majors. This terrestrial fleet is able to provide you with a reliable service in both: the inland market delivering related oil products to factories, farms, agriculture works, car and buses fleets, owned pump stations etc, and of course on the bunker marker, providing short deliveries from 35 to 450 tons of distillates or IFo's to Vessels being approachable at surrounding Berths. Fishing fleets at Buenos Aires or Mar del Plata are all the time demanding our tank trucks bunker services.

This large fleet of Road tank wagons is driven by our own well trained Staff, all our RTW's are duly identified under RISLER colors and logo. This RTW's service is also rent by local Oil majors, in order to improve their own deliveries for the domestic and bunker markets. Also, as mentioned, RISLER S.A. owns/charters bunker barges of the following capacities:


BT Adelina 1080 MT
BT Sofia R 550 MT
BT Nany 3294 MT
BT Serra Theresa 1650 MT
BT Kadriye Ana 2400 MT


All our barges have skilled and experienced crews, All this self-propelled tankers are specially equipped for bunker deliveries, being at our customers service wherever they request: when alongside in all Ports or at their Roads. Our barges fulfill IMO & MARPOL requirements and also being classified by Messrs. Bureau Veritas – France. In the other hand they are regularly inspected by local Oil majors, being after said procedure declared suitable for the transportation of their bunker products. Following local regulations from Customs House, RISLER S.A. acts as carrier of local Oil majors producers of bunker products.

Following said regulations we act at the spot market, not having any kind of storage, not making any blends, and products being in all cases duly certified about quality by local Oil majors producers as Shell CAPSA, RepsolYPF, Petrobras, ExxonMobil SA We are the only one supplier, able to act in this local market making shopping around every each morning, checking all possible sources, adjusting where our bunker barges are and providing all our customers with the more reliable quality wherever and whenever our client require, bringing the fast and safe possible bunker service round the clock.

RISLER S.A. is an active and full member of the:

British-Argentine Chamber of Commerce
Rosario Chamber of Commerce
Rosario Stock Exchange
Maritime Center of Commerce
Argentinean Federation of Road Transport
I.B.I.A. (International Bunker Industry Association, as Traders/Suppliers since their opening)
B.I.M.C.O. (The Baltic and Marine Council, as owners since 1991)

Our Staff supports these institutions and is also member of several councils so as to provide all our industry with the newest trends and the most professional service.