MT MILO, began operating at Bahia Blanca port last January 2013. ...

About Bunkerbaires S.A.


There are five worlds which seems to capture the essence of Bunkerbaires S.A.
A family-run company for more than ninety years.

Integrity:We are proud to work under our family name, and we do it closely to keep this way of business as it's unique and invaluable.

Hands-on: As family partners we are in charge 24/7, keeping close contact with our clients, the best asset we have.

Innovation: Based in Argentina since 1919, from a ancestor who came from Switzerland, we keeping developing our personnel, our assets and more important our customer base. We pride in our ability to innovate and to probe to have no fear in a extremely changing scenario and difficulties that might come our way.

Trustworthy: Our best value is our customer, their database increases every year, prove of the trust and security we provide. We trade with our local refineries very closely, creating a great feedback. As our sources, we continuously go under they scrutinizing eye,bringing logistic matters under their vetting approval.

Value: Training our Personnel, improving all our skill-set and renewing our fleet is a permanent concern. Only following this way we are able to bring more and effective services, and assuring our clients they receive the very best bunkering service in all Argentinean Ports.


We are proud of our name and ethics. It is gratifying to know we have been a family-run company for four generations now and that we can continue to promote the business values received from our predecessors.


Nothing is possible without their commitment. They are the reason of our success. We are proud and grateful to have Staff’s members that have been with in the company for near twenty years. It is an reflection of the way we are, a committed, secure, reliable, and trustworthy business.